2015 Over & Out #endoftheyear

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It’s December 30th 2015. Here are the tall tales and half truths that annoyed us here in West Texas this year.

As oil crashed, we West Texas oil men turned our attention to how many oil forecasts could be posted in a 24 hour time span on Oilpro. We liked the post that said the bottom was near, and argued with William Edwards on his dooms day oil predictions. We see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s prolly just a tow truck repossessing the pickup.
Service companies began the cut throat bidding wars to get the next job. Rig rates fell, and water haulers quit asking when they would get to go home. Roustabouts found less reasons to run into town to get a part or tool, and drove slower on lease roads to stretch that day out a bit more.
Mike Shellman has been trying all year to convince everyone that the collapse in oil prices is due to sloppy companies drilling crappy shale wells. Mostly inexperienced new blood to the industry tried to argue with him. Mike doesn’t argue, he wins.
I had lunch with J.B. Young one afternoon. We enjoyed a few plates of mexican food, and congratulated ourselves on being the Masters Of The Oil & Gas Universe. We were then asked to leave by the wait staff because we were scaring the kids.
The crude oil export ban was lifted, which left most West Texas oil men scratching their heads on why. Who has room to buy anymore oil, and who can afford to ship this junk?
We are still all debating on how to pronounce Joseph Triepke’s last name. A fist fight broke out at The Bar in downtown Midland due to this ongoing war.
With fewer welders, water haulers, and rig movers on the roads, the Texas State Troopers have taken back their old routines of napping under overpasses and ticketing j-walkers.
Jobs page on Oilpro gets 17,560,320 clicks a day. (give or take a few million)
Jackie Gillispie has found with all this new time on his hands that the internet is real but only has 2 websites, Oilpro and Yahoo.
My drone photographs of well sites has many pulling unit, and drilling rig roughnecks paranoid and always looking in the sky. Rumors are going around that I use the drone to catch people not wearing their hardhats, or smoking weed on location.

And now, west Texas 2015 in review… See you in 2016.