About #oilpro's Sponsored Content

By 1st December 2015 Industry News No Comments

Sponsored content on Oilpro includes posts, images, and Q&A that Oilpro’s content development team creates in collaboration with our advertisers and sponsors. Sponsored content can also take the form of paid announcements from companies, which are developed independent of Oilpro staff involvement.

These sponsored posts are limited to two per day. Collaborative sponsored content are written not only to inform the reader about our sponsors’ services and expertise but also to educate readers about important segments of the O&G industry by piping in knowledge from our sponsors. Our goal with sponsored content is to create interesting engaging stories that will be useful to our readers while simultaneously highlighting how our sponsors add value in the O&G marketplace.

We accept sponsored content assignments only from reputable companies whose services and products will be of interest to Oilpro members. And we only work on sponsored content with companies we believe to be of high quality with viable products and services for oil and gas.

Collaborative sponsored content posts are based on information provided by our sponsors as well as Oilpro staff’s knowledge of the market, products, and trends discussed. Often these posts include interviews with subject matter experts that work at the companies that sponsor Oilpro.

Collaborative sponsored content posts are marked with a sponsored-content tag and include disclosures in the text. These posts are created separately and independently from Oilpro’s editorial content and contributor network, which are free of any advertiser influence.

If you would like to learn more about Oilpro sponsored content options or other sponsorship options, please contact Bryan Robins. For any questions about the content you find in sponsored posts, please contact Joseph Triepke.