About us


Looking After Oil and Gas Consultants’ Interests

Leader Engineering are a renowned provider of oil & gas consultants to the energy industry worldwide. We were formed in 2005 by an engineering family from Scotland, a country which has long enjoyed an outstanding international reputation in the industry.

In everything we do, we set ourselves the highest standards. Our partners often comment on our ability to remain professional whilst still being approachable and friendly.

Founded originally as an “administrative entity” for processing the inevitable paperwork, Leader Engineering has evolved steadily over the years to become a recognized leader in engineering consultancy services.

Our resultant in-depth understanding of the oil and gas market, paired with our own in-house engineering knowledge and skills, means we are ideally placed to protect the interests of our consultants.


Heading Upstream – Oil and Gas Industry Expertise

When Leader Engineering was initially set up to fulfil simple administrative requirements, costs were kept low and there was a payroll of just one person. Excitingly, the Leader family began to grow rapidly, as we welcomed new consultants.

We are particularly proud that our business has been founded essentially on personal recommendations and referrals.

Our efficient management and extensive knowledge of immigration, taxation and other key operational areas, along with Leader’s asset-light approach, combined to ignite our growth.


Providing Oil and Gas Consultants to Industry Leaders Worldwide

Since the company was founded, Leader Engineering has grown and flourished. Yet our original values of simplicity, integrity, communication and transparency that existed all those years ago still stand today, and will continue to do so.

We are convinced that these values are the key reasons behind our success, and by observing them in everything we do; we have earned a reputation for excellence in the provision of oil and gas consultants to blue chip companies throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on always putting the interests of our consultants first, wherever in the world they may be working.

With over 40 years’ combined experience in the global energy sector, our team can provide a wealth of oil and gas industry knowledge, truly differentiating ourselves from others in the field.


Intelligent Recruitment. Simplified.