Building Your Brand On Oilpro – Being ON. (Oilpro Networker) or OFF (Open For Followers) #oilprotips

By 8th December 2015 Industry News No Comments

Building your brand on Oilpro is designed to be a little different than other professional networks. We avoid the the term “Open Networker” and hope that we can tame the “LIONs” out there. We like to think ask a simple question – are you ON (Oilpro Networker) or OFF (Open For Followers)?

On Oilpro we encourage people to connect with people you know, and follow people you want to know. This keeps networks more personal, useful, and powerful.

So, how do I build my personal brand and network on Oilpro?

Step 1. Forget everything LI has taught you about blindly connecting with everyone. This leads to spammers, and bloated networks full of strangers.

Step 2. Invite your current friends, colleagues (current and former) that work in the industry.

Step 3. Engage with the site. We’re about knowledge sharing and content. If writing articles, isn’t your strength engage in the comments, answer questions. Networking with like minded professionals is the key this network. Share your thoughts and others with “like minds” will follow you.

This also goes for following people, companies and topics. If you see a comment from someone you don’t know but find interesting, click the follow button. If they too “follow you” we’ll upgrade it to a connection.

Note: If you have already connected with strangers, “un-connecting is easy”. Hover over your name in the upper right corner, click “my network”, and hover over the person you would like to change your connection with. Between your two photos there’s a red “x”.