By The Gallon, Oil Now Costs Less Than Distilled Water #crudeoilprices

By 7th December 2015 Industry News No Comments

Oil is trading at $39.22 at the second I started this post. Broken down to the gallon, oil is worth 93 cents a gallon…….

That’s what the market says right now. Oil, that magical wonder liquid we do all we can to to produce. It’s not worth even $1.00 now. A gallon of Ozarka water costs more than that.

Lets put this into perspective with a few common and uncommon products if bought by the gallon.

Nail Polish $5,760

White Out Liquid Paper $738

Hydrogen Peroxide $10.32

NyQuil $93.00

Coffee from convince store $17.44

Ketchup $8.00

Super Glue $365

Domestic Beer Ave $5.33

Low Fat Milk $3.79

Egg Whites $5.76

Windex $10.21

Chocolate Syrup $13.23

Soy Sauce $15.33

RedBull $30.69

Black Printer Ink $2,560

Mercury $3,433

Insulin $9,411

Chanel No 5. Perfume $25,650

Cobra Venom $152,835.00

Scorpion Venom $38,858,507.46

Skunks Spray $3,136.00