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In recent days, inclement weather and related transportation issues have caused a temporary shortage of natural gas supplies in North China. In response, authorities in the area have enacted an emergency plan that includes halting supplies to manufacturers and limiting indoor temperatures at public buildings, China Daily reported.

The Beijing Commission of City Administration and Environment reportedly said that CNPC encountered problems when attempting to unload imported LNG at ports. This caused a temporary natural gas supply shortage in North China.

The company said Monday that a tanker transporting 260,000 cubic meters of LNG wasn’t able to unload its cargo on schedule at the Tangshan port in Hebei province due to smog and heavy winds.

The director of the Energy Research Center at Xiamen University, Lin Boqiang, was quoted by China Daily as saying that the shortage in northern areas will be temporary, as there is an oversupply of natural gas in China.

The LNG supply is adequate, Linn added, and LNG plants are functioning at around 50% this year because of oversupply. “The shortfall will be filled very soon by other means, and the problem is likely to be solved in one or two days,” Lin told the paper.

Most of China’s LNG imports come from Qatar, Australia, Turkmenistan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In order to ensure the stability of Beijing’s heating system, the commission launched a contingency plan last weekend, imposing controls on indoor temperatures and halting natural gas supplies to manufacturers.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission said Sunday, as reported by China Daily, that there have been challenges in supplying natural gas to North China because of the early arrival of winter weather and challenges in upstream gas supply. The agency also worked with China Petroleum Corp and CNOOC to boost natural gas supplies to the pipeline network to make sure North China is sufficiently supplied.

“PetroChina will optimize the LNG distribution network and pipeline infrastructure, and at the same time improve load ability … to secure the supply of gas for domestic use,” China Daily reported the company as saying.

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