Gas #explosion In Mexico Injures 30, Conflicting Reports About Source Of Blast #pemex

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A gas explosion in the southern Mexico state of Tabasco late Tuesday injured at least 30 people. However, there are conflicting reports as to the nature of the incident. Officials and local media outlets said the injuries resulted from the explosion of a gas pipeline. However, Pemex denied that its operated pipeline exploded, saying in a statement that the accident involved a stolen fuel tank near the pipeline.

“The fire started, apparently in a stolen fuel tank and was brought under control before affecting the pipeline, so it [the pipeline] did not explode,” Pemex said on Twitter.

El fuego inició al parecer en un depósito de combustible robado y logró controlarse antes de afectar el ducto, por lo que este no explotó— Petróleos Mexicanos (@Pemex) December 23, 2015

Pemex said the fire resulting from the blast was stopped before it impacted the pipeline duct, which prevented an explosion of the line. The Milenio reported that the injured were attempting to steal the fuel from the tank when the blast occurred.

Tabasco’s Secretariat of Health tweeted that the incident happened at 9:29 p.m. local time on Tuesday in a suburb of Cardenas. Several of the wounded were hospitalized with second and third degree burns, the agency added.

Source: Daily Mail

Atiende Bomberos del IPC, Cruz roja, personal de Pemex, y @SSalud_Tab , emergencia en el poblado C 33— Protección Civil Tab (@ProcivilTabasco) December 23, 2015

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