#linkedin Groups, You've Changed #oilpro

By 24th November 2015 Industry News No Comments

As many Oilpro members may know, Oilpro supports the oil and gas conversation everywhere oil and gas professionals are. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When you’re not on Oilpro, we still want you to be informed.

What you may not know, is that Oilpro manages 2 of the largest O&G groups on LinkedIn. And over the past two years we’ve managed these groups with the intent to help encourage intelligent industry conversations on both LinkedIn and Oilpro. As Oilpro outgrew these groups, we’ve still maintained the conversation as it supports our mission of conversation and networking.

Recently LinkedIn made some changes to their policy, and it is unfortunate that LinkedIn does not share the same standards of high quality conversation. Their policy now approves everyone (including spammers) to post to the group, leaving the group members to receive spam, on top of spam.

Here are a few examples of the post being promoted by LinkedIn:

It is for this reason that Oilpro will no longer be posting to any of the LinkedIn groups. Note: We will still be posting to the Oilpro company page so you can stay up to date when you are on LinkedIn.

The initial feedback we’ve received from group members has been very supportive.