My "Garth Brooks" Moment In A North Dakota Oilpatch #wesstjon #oilfieldcowboy #oilfield #music

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When I was in Williston, North Dakota back in 2012, I visited about 60 drilling rigs. I really love going to the rigs and getting to meet the hands. My friend Paul Tinnes made many of the rig runs with me, and we had lots of fun together.

One day we had been out all day rig running – I did not like to visit the rig after 5:00 P.M. because the pushers were getting ready for safety meetings or shift changes and I did not want to bother them when they were busy. But this particular day, Paul and I were on our way back from visiting rigs way out in the middle of nowhere. It was about 6:30 P.M. and we saw a rig we had not visited that day. So we decided to stop by since we were right there at the rig, even though it was kind of late.

We pulled onto location, found the pusher shack, parked and knocked on the door. Then we stepped inside. The pusher was cooking supper and when he turned to look at us, I could tell he was not happy we were there! I said, “Hi, how you doing?” He said, “What do you need?” I said, “I am Wes St. Jon and I am visiting rigs and selling CDs. And this is my friend, Paul Tinnes.” His eyes got big and he said, “No way! Wes St. Jon here in MY trailer!” He stopped what he was doing and picked up his phone. He called the other pusher that was out on the rig and said, “Man you are not going to believe who just came into our trailer – Wes St. Jon!” In about 2 minutes the other pusher was in the trailer yelling, “Call my phone, call my phone!” When they called his phone, he had The Story Of The Derrickman, Toolpusher, Roustabout, Roughneck, Driller And The Company Man as his ringtone!

Now I would say these guys were in their 30’s, and they were so excited to meet me. The pusher on tour took me up on the rig floor and introduced me to all of the hands and showed me around the rig. It was the first flex rig I had been on, and it was great to see the rig and get to meet everybody. After a short visit with the hands, we went back to the pusher shack.

The pusher that had been cooking supper turned off the stove so we could visit. He said, “Man, I will have to be honest with you. I thought whoever wrote that song about the Derrickman, Toolpusher, etc. would be dead by now!” I got a good laugh out of that. He had a guitar there in his trailer, it was small like a child’s guitar, and he wanted me to play them a song. The bad thing was, you could not tune the thing! When it was in tune in E chord, it was out of tune in C chord! Plus I did not have a guitar pick. So they had a loaf of bread on the table, and they took the plastic closer from the loaf of bread for me to use as a guitar pick! So on an out of tune guitar, with a bread closer pick, I did the best I could to play them a few tunes!

The pusher the guitar belonged to said, “Man you have to sign my guitar”! I said, “Really?” He said, “Absolutely!” So with a black magic marker I signed the guitar for him. He said, “Man, I will hang that up in my house and never play it again!”

We visited for a while, they bought some CDs, and Paul and I left. That was my Garth Brooks moment of the trip! Lots of fun! That is why I really enjoy meeting the hands – you never know who you are going to meet or what is going to happen!
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