Open Letter To Anyone Tired Of The O&G Industry Causing #climatechange. Boycott Us!

By 10th December 2015 Industry News No Comments

Are you tired of the Oil & Gas industry causing climate change? Then do something about it! Boycott the Oil & Gas industry!

The Oil & Gas industry is a business like any other. Without consumers there is no business. You’re an oil and gas consumer so, right now, you’re promoting the industry. If you don’t like the industry stop supporting it. It is easy! Here are nine easy steps you can take to stop the Oil and Gas industry and make a positive impact on climate change.

Sell your camper and your boat so you can trade in your gas guzzling
15 mpg truck for a super-efficient 45 mpg mini-car. Think of the CO2
Better yet park your vehicles and ride a bicycle or a horse. The
fact is that the cars and trucks on the road produce more Greenhouse
Gases (GHG) than all oil producers combined. NOTE: City dwellers
will be restricted to bicycles because there isn’t enough room to
pasture a horse in the city.
Stop travelling to destinations that require air travel. Airplanes
are hugely inefficient and produce a significant amount of GHG. Of
course if you are going to stop air travel you’ll have to have your
mail and packages delivered by Pony Express.
Disconnect your home from the electrical grid. Electricity is largely
produced by burning coal (producing more emissions than gas) or
burning natural gas. Of course you won’t be able to use your TV,
microwave, computer, or air conditioner but just think of the
positive environmental impact.
Shut off your furnace. Homes outside the tropics are heated by
natural gas, propane or fuel oil, all of which come from the Oil and
Gas industry. You can always install a wood stove for heating and
cooking. I am sure your horse can carry plenty of wood for you since
you’ve already parked your car. If you live on the prairies where
there is a lack of wood you can always befriend your local cattle
farmer and burn dried cow patties like your pioneering Grandparents
Stop wearing clothes made of synthetic material like polyester or
rayon. Those are oil by-products. Wool, cotton and silk are much
more fashionable anyway. Who needs Lululemons anyway?
Stop using any product made of plastic. Plastic is another oil
by-product. You can use wood bowls and wood fired clay pottery for
cooking and eating. Of course this means that you’re going to have
to throw away your cell phone too, but since you have unplugged from
the electrical grid you won’t need it anyway.
Don’t buy any products that are not produced in your village /
neighborhood. The big diesel truck that delivers your orange juice
from Florida, tomatoes from California and furniture from the other
side of the country (or world if you shop at IKEA) emit plenty of
GHG too.
Spread this message to every one of your friends and every social
media network you subscribe to. You could start an environmental
revolution. Just remember to do it before you shut off your

Simply follow this plan and you and your friends can stop the Oil and Gas industry in its tracks. The planet will be saved thanks to your sacrifice. Yes, it will feel like you are living in the 1800’s but just think of it as one long camping trip.

Seriously though, I am not saying that the Oil and Gas industry couldn’t become more efficient and reduce their GHG production. Most oil and gas companies have been striving to improve their efficiency for years, it just makes good business sense.

The problem with people is that they always find it easier to shuffle the blame off to someone else, or even better on some faceless company. I believe that it is up to every single Oil & Gas worker to talk to their neighbors and educate them on the efficiency gains in our business. Help your community understand that Climate Change (since we aren’t supposed to say Global Warming anymore) is not the fault of Oil & Gas companies. Everyone on this planet has a share of the blame and a role to play in trying to correct the problem.