Active Players Since 2009

Leader Engineering has been an active player in the renewable energy sector since 2009. That was when clients who traditionally worked exclusively within oil & gas first began to win projects in this new and rapidly evolving market. They asked us to support their move into renewables – and we responded.

From the outset, it was evident that there was demand in the sector for a staffing partner with an engineering pedigree – for an experienced and skilled recruitment operator like Leader Renewables.

As climate change continues to dominate the top of the political agenda for governments around the world, renewable technologies remain a major focus of attention. Nowhere more so than in wind power, where the design, planning, construction, installation and eventual operation and maintenance of both onshore and offshore wind farms are invariably under intense scrutiny.

The evolution and growth of wind power technology has resulted in a shortfall of highly experienced engineers in the field. As this growth continues, so does the need to ensure the right people – the best people – are shaping and delivering it.

At Leader, we remain true to the values that have guided us since inception. Today, we are the proud partner of choice on projects across the globe with our personnel supporting a variety of projects throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, as well as emerging programmes in Africa.

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