Senior Iraqi Oil Official Killed In Kirkuk #iraq #violence #relationshipconflicts

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Iraqi officials said that a senior oil official working for Iraq’s state-controlled North Oil Company was killed Sunday by gunmen in the northern city of Kirkuk, Reuters reported.

Gunmen forced Saad al-Karbalaie, NOC’s chief of operations, to stop his vehicle as he was leaving his office in Kirkuk and then shot him, police sources told Reuters. Karbalaie was overseeing production and export facilities in the northern city at the time of the attack. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the incident.

Iraq is beset by security challenges from ISIS, which now controls a third of the country, as well as a sectarian conflict that has been exacerbated by the presence of the terrorist group.

The Baiji refinery, located north of Baghdad, has become a focal point for Iraqi government attempts to arrest the advance of ISIS. Over the last year, control of the country’s largest refinery has changed hands on several occasions.

Another strategic front line in the fighting is the Anbar Province, the Sunni heartland located only 70 miles northwest of Baghdad, Reuters reported.

In separate attacks Sunday, roadside bombs claimed seven lives in Baghdad.

Meanwhile, a US-led coalition conducted 17 airstrikes against ISIS positions in Syria and 10 strikes against the group in Iraq on Saturday, the US military said in a Sunday statement.
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