This Is Not A Map #prospectgeneration #workflow #business

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Apologies to Rene Magritte’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe. The picture above is chocablock full of information, but what does it actually mean, and to whom? A reservoir engineer might see rainbow-colored flowlines, but do they fit the subsurface setting? A geologist and an engineer will see the green faults and black wellbores, but are they truly vertical? And a portfolio manager may well wonder what on earth the left hand table of contents is supposed to mean!

The recent Geodata2015 in London showcased Masterclasses of use-cases that illustrated the latest in geodata processing. Likewise Geobusiness2016 will explore how geospatial solutions have enabled projects to run more efficiently. Both shows are repurposed to cover many aspects from business outcomes to technical input, in that order of importance and deployment.

1Spatial started #geodata15 with a message heard more and more: to buy not build. There are so many apps available today, that to build one from scratch become increasingly less justifiable. That also helps us rise up and see what is really needed – to understand the business issue a corporation or an agency are addressing, and derive from it the process and the technology needed.

One of my best projects was a digital asset transfer project in Milan
over five years ago: we said “let’s not ask the DBAs where the data
were, let’s ask the business and technical leads what processes were
worth documenting?” Presto! Data sources as well as workflows came
tumbling out, and in a language that everyone could speak from the CIO
on down…

I’ll be at PROSPEX2015 in London this week, and have been invited to 2nd Annual IT/ICT show in Prague next spring, both shows that gather business as well as technical leads. I will introduce there what I call a mind map on steroids, as a talking point to help prospectors and developers flesh out, fill in and expand their workflows, such that it meets their individual business needs.

In the current tight economical market, there are apps that will do almost out-of-the-box what is needed to achieve business outcomes… The key ingredient is of course the metier, the business and technical intelligence to bring these about!