Watch Video Of U.S. Airstrikes Blowing Up #isis #oil Trucks #transportation

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U.S.-led coalition forces released a video Thursday of airstrikes that reportedly destroyed 116 ISIS-manned oil tanker trucks near the Syria-Iraq border. The attacks marked the first time that U.S. warplanes have carried out strikes on these ISIS-controlled vehicles.

Watch the video released by the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF OIR):

Prior to the airstrikes, leaflets were reportedly dropped to warn civilians in the region.

Leaflet used to warn civilians that the area was not safe during #TidalWaveII.— OIRSpokesman (@OIRspox) November 18, 2015

Sunday’s U.S.-led strikes were part of a broader effort, called “Operation Tidal Wave II, designed to inflict significant damage on ISIL’s ability to gain revenue for their terrorist operations.

On Wednesday, Russian media sources reported that Russia’s military said it had destroyed 500 oil trucks.

The Associated Press reported last month that ISIS earns roughly $50 million per month through oil sales, representing its biggest source of income.