Writing the Perfect Resume

So how do you write the perfect resume? Well, that is a challenging question to answer.  Most people in the oil and gas industry will have had varied careers in many different positions, so what do you include?  Here are our six tips when writing a resume as a consultant in the oil and gas industry.

One – Stay Focused

The clients that we work with receive hundreds of resume’s for each position that they post, and they will spend on average only 8 seconds reviewing the content.

Two – Don’t Miss Out

Now we did say keep it short – but that does not mean miss bits out.  We are a cynical bunch and when you leave gaps in your work history then flags are going to be raised and questions will be asked. So do not miss anything out…

Three – Make it Look Good

Keep the fonts and layout simple. At Leader Engineering we like to keep things simplistic as it saves time. Include your personal details, where you live at the moment, what your anticipated day rate is and when you can start.

Four – Be Honest

We are always amazed at how small this industry is – it would appear that everyone knows everyone. Consequently if you stretch the truth even just a little bit then the chances are we will find out or even worse, the client will.

Five – Keep it Current

As we say the more information you provide us with the better but just as importantly let us know when things change.

Six – People From the Past

Now you are under no obligation to provide references or client endorsements but it is a good idea. The vast majority of our clients are going to expect that we have gone out and done our homework on you.