Social Responsibility

Putting Wellbeing at The Centre of Our Activities

We are dedicated to putting wellbeing at the centre of our activities. It is a commitment that extends to our social and environmental responsibility; to playing our part in the communities in which we operate.

We make it our priority to demonstrate accountability and integrity in the way we conduct business, contributing to the welfare of local communities and addressing environmental impacts.

We endeavor to be good citizens by partnering with local charities and reaching out to lend a hand in creative, practical and meaningful ways.

Ours is a hands-on approach as we connect with those in need through a variety of volunteer activities supporting local, national and international charities.

Above all else, through our outreach, we demonstrate the utmost respect for the people and cultures in the communities around the world that many of us call home.

At Every Level We Aim to:

  • Identify and focus our efforts on, both local and global issues that relate to the nature of the oil & gas industry
  • Create global partnerships with organizations whose goals and objectives mirror the values and principles of Leader Engineering.

At Each of Our Work Locations We Are Committed to:

  • Identifying, monitoring and tracking local initiatives that are most applicable to our clients and consultants.
  • Communicating our charitable initiatives both internally and externally, promoting colleague involvement in initiatives that will make a difference.
  • Building strong and lasting relationships with the local community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility:

We believe we have a social responsibility to provide help wherever and whenever we can. That is why we support good causes ranging from anti-malaria programs in Africa to projects that help former Service personnel in the UK and US.

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