We are not just recruiters. We are a full service agency – so what does that mean in practical terms?

Firstly, we make every effort to provide as much information about the position as possible. Everything from challenges the project has had, the people you will be working with and the security & medical infrastructure that is in place.

Health & Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our consultants is, put simply, second to nothing.

Wellbeing encompasses an array of issues, but fundamentally it is about ensuring that our personnel are healthy, safe and secure. If this is not the case, and you need help, it is about guaranteeing that the help you require is there within minutes and hours, not days.

You get a comprehensive database of resources as part of our Consultant Care initiative to ensure you are ready for any and every eventuality.

Back to Basics

Our people go to work to get paid. A straightforward proposition, but it is not always that simple. Working in challenging environments means getting paid can sometimes be a difficult process.

We apply diligence and dedication to ensuring that you get paid on time and correctly. On the rare occasion that a delay might occur, you will be informed ahead of time and you can rest assured that our team will get you paid in full.

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