Client Experience

Why Work With Us?

Intelligent Recruitment. Simplified.

This statement underpins everything we do, finding world class qualified talent that is ready to contribute to your operations immediately. This may be a simple objective but in practice it is an incredibly complicated challenge. For 13 years the Leader family have been committed to delivering this promise and will continue to be for many years to come.

A Solid Foundation

Leader Engineering was founded by world-class engineers and we make the most of that knowledge and experience. It means our recruiters have a clear and concise understanding of specialist fields.

They know the questions to ask, they know the qualifications required and they understand your everyday challenges.

Diligent Investigation

Our reputation is everything to us. It defines who we are and the work we do. We take every possible step to ensure our industry standing – and your operations – are not compromised.

Once we have identified a candidate that we believe meets our stringent specifications, our job is only beginning. We leave no stone unturned in our work to understand each career move and personal attributes, including strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly, technical competence.

The oil & gas industry may be global but it is still a distinct community. We take advantage of the many extensive relationships that we have developed over the years to ensure that personnel supplied by Leader Engineering are of the highest calibre.

Our Ultimate Objective is Always the Same:

To provide you an engineer that will join your operations fully accredited and ready to make a positive contribution immediately. We have the experience, the resources and the passion to make sure that is the case.

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